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Aprilaire Humidifier Installation in Northern Virginia

Humidity plays one of the biggest roles of your home when it comes to keeping comfortable. While many Northern Virginia natives often associate the word negatively (a sticky, humid day for instance), appropriate humidity levels actually go a long, long way in improving your home. At John Nugent & Sons, our team knows well that keeping humidity in the right range is critical, and to help you attain that we offer only world-class humidifier solutions from Aprilaire!

We’ve been the team to know for home improvements and HVAC solutions for decades. When you choose John Nugent & Sons, you’re choosing specialists that have your needs at heart, and always put what’s best for you and your home first and foremost! When it comes to humidifier options, we can help you choose the best product to fit your needs.

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How Important Are Humidifiers?

In a word, very. Optimal humidity levels in your home (between 35-50%, depending on a few factors) help you in a wide variety of ways. Proper humidity helps with allergies and overall respiratory health, it helps preserve furniture and paint in your home, and even plays a role in how effective your HVAC system is all year round.

This means that a humidifier plays a lot of important parts all at once, and all of them are aimed at making your life easier and more comfortable. All in all, humidifier systems are one of our favorites to install, because we know that you’ll see, feel, and appreciate the benefits!

A home humidity control system in your home can benefit you with:

  • Better indoor air quality.
  • Improved respiratory health.
  • Less allergy symptoms.
  • Higher HVAC efficiency.
  • Increased year-round comfort.
  • And more!  

Aprilaire Humidifier Systems

As is always the case at John Nugent & Sons, we’re about more than just solutions. We’re about the best solutions for our patrons possible. So when it comes to choosing a whole home humidifier system, Aprilaire is a no-brainer for us. Aprilaire carries a long history of industry-leading products that are expertly designed, innovative, and always bring you the optimal performance and function you’re looking for.

You team carries and handles a variety of home humidifier options from Aprilaire, and we have the skill and experience needed to help you choose the best product to suit your needs, guaranteed. Your home humidifier will be installed directly into your HVAC system, providing a no-mess, easily maintained humidity control solution that will serve you perfectly for years to come.

Aprilaire Home Humidifier Installations in Northern Virginia with John Nugent & Sons

If you’re looking for the ideal home comfort solution, you can always trust the team at John Nugent & Sons to provide! We’re leaders in humidifier and air quality products and services in the McLean and Northern Virginia area, and we can ensure you get the ideal solution every single time.

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