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5 Reasons To Switch to an Electric Furnace

Most homes in Northern Virginia have gas or oil furnaces, but because 45% of your electric bill is for heating and cooling your home, electric furnaces are becoming more popular. Whether your furnace is old or malfunctioning, here are the top reasons to install a new electric furnace.

What Is an Electric Furnace?

An electric furnace is a heating system that can keep your rooms comfortable in subzero weather. Unlike a propane or natural gas furnace, electric furnaces are versatile and do not rely on fossil fuels.

How Electric Furnaces Work

Working like hair dryers, electric furnaces use heating coils or heat strips and a blower motor attached to a cabinet. When you turn your thermostat on or the temperature drops, electric currents heat the coils, and the blower motor pushes air over the coils, which warms the air sent through your home’s ductwork once it reaches the set temperature.

When your home reaches the desired temperature, the system will shut down.

How Electric Furnaces Differ From Gas/Oil Furnaces

Electric furnaces use electricity instead of gas. An electric furnace will use 100% of its energy versus a gas furnace that converts about 80% to 96% of its fuel to heat your home. And with an 80% AFUE or Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency, that is 20% wasted energy.

Additionally, some homes do not have natural gas hookups. Hence, an electric furnace lets you avoid the stress of waiting on oil delivery trucks, and you do not have to pay for fuel!

Easier to run, you can access heat on demand while you maximize your energy savings.

5 Reasons To Switch to an Electric Furnace

1. Advanced Safety

Because they do not rely on oil or gas as their heating source, you do not have to worry about hazardous byproducts or toxic carbon monoxide from a gas or oil leak with an electric furnace.

With your family’s safety first, electric furnaces reduce fire risks since they do not rely on fire to heat your home.

2. Better Efficiency

Among the most efficient heaters, electric furnaces can help lower your energy costs and increase your savings month to month.

To ensure this, schedule annual service to properly maintain your system. Without regular tune-ups, your furnace might last eight to 12 years, but routine maintenance can extend its life span to 15 to 20-plus years.

3. Lower Costs

Electric furnaces are less expensive to install, run, and maintain than gas furnaces, which have more complex mechanical parts.

Maintenance for an electric furnace is lower because it has fewer internal parts. And it means less time wasted trying to find replacement parts!

While a furnace installation is a large investment, a maintenance plan costs less than $1 per day. Saving money on that investment is always beneficial.

4. Tax Rebates and Credits

When installing an electric furnace, ask about the available federal tax credits and utility rebates, which can help offset upfront costs.

With flexible payment options, a professional installation team can find the furnace that fits your space and budget needs, while an entry-level furnace increases your home’s resale value.

5. Readily Available Fuel Source

Electric furnaces are easy to install and ideal if your home cannot access natural gas. One concern is because they rely on your electricity grid if the power goes out, your furnace will too.

Keep heating costs low by pairing your electric furnace with a heat pump for added savings.

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