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5 Reasons to Switch to an Electric Furnace

In Northern Virginia, oil and gas furnaces are quite common. However, for those looking for an alternative, an electric furnace might be the answer. If you are in need of a new furnace, you may want to consider switching from gas and oil to electric. Here are some reasons why.

1. Improved Safety

One of the best reasons to make the switch is because electric furnaces are safer. Electric furnaces do not use gas or oil, and thus cannot make dangerous oil or gas leaks in your home. They also cannot produce carbon monoxide, so your family is safe from this serious risk. Finally, electric furnaces do not use a fire to heat your home, so they are much less of a fire risk.

2. Efficiency

Many homeowners assume that they will spend more to run an electric furnace, but this isn’t necessarily true. As long as you maintain an electric furnace well, it should be a more efficient option. Yes, electricity costs more than gas and oil, but you use far fewer units of energy to run a gas furnace, so your overall bills, as well as your dependence on energy, will go down.

3. Affordability

Electric furnaces typically cost less than similarly sized gas models. This can be a benefit as well, because furnace installation represents a sizeable investment. Saving money on that investment is always beneficial.

4. Longer Lifespan

No matter what type of furnace you choose, you will spend a significant amount to have a furnace installed. When you invest in an electric model, you will probably get more years of use out of your furnace, because electric furnaces have an average lifespan of over 20 years, compared to 10-15 for a gas furnace. They have fewer parts that can wear out over time, which allows them to last longer.

5. Readily Available Fuel Source

Finally, electric furnaces are a wise choice because electricity is readily available no matter where you live. Some parts of the country have less access to delivered oil or may not have natural gas hookups, making a gas or oil burning furnace challenging to run. If you have a home, it already has electric service, so you can enjoy your heat whenever you want.

As you can see, there are many benefits to installing an electric furnace over a gas one. If you are considering making the switch, John Nugent & Sons will help you find the right one, and then install it for you. Give John Nugent & Sons a call at 703-291-1926, or contact us online to learn more about electric furnace installation.

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