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Air Conditioner Repair vs. Air Conditioner Replacement

Knowing what to do with your cooling system when problems arise can be an issue all its own. Your impulse may be to seek repair, which is the course of action pretty much everyone would prefer at first glance. But there are many situations where replacement is not only the better answer long-term—it may provide you with added benefits you might not be considering as well.

So which is it, repair or replace? Our certified HVAC specialists at John Nugent & Sons detail common air conditioner problems and which answer is the stronger choice for you for each!

Common Air Conditioner Issues that Need Repair

If your system is experiencing any of these, professional repair is probably the way to go:

  • Fluctuations in cooling power. If you’re not getting the cooling you’re accustomed to or you’re having trouble with warm spots, it’s time to seek repairs. The problem could be one of many, but our experts can suss out the cause and bring you the relief you need.
  • Odd sounds. Odd sounds most commonly indicate component failure or damage to critical parts. This is a potentially rather insidious problem, as if left alone, the damaged parts can do some serious harm to your system. Get it repaired quickly or you’ll be looking at a replacement for sure!
  • Funky odors. Thick, musty odors are pretty much caused by what you would expect. First off check your air filter and replace it if necessary. If the smell persists, call in for a professional.
  • Freezing or icing over. System freezes are usually the result of poor air flow, which can come from any number of problems. Most of these can be handled by a trained HVAC repair specialist in no time.
  • Thermostat problems. Gauge showing 72 but it feels more like 80+? Your thermostat is likely having connection issues or may be failing. Contact our repair teams to find out and get the service you need!
  • Inadequate drainage or water leaks. As a secondary function, your cooling system dehumidifies the air of your home. Normally, this collected moisture is removed from the home by way of a drainage system. When this is malfunctioning, all of that moisture could just end up in your floor.

When to Seek AC Replacement

While many problems can be handled by a one-time repair, there are many situations where a professional replacement will save you a lot more time and trouble:

  • Frequent repairs. Experiencing one of the above issues yearly? Bi-annually? Even more often? At this point, you’re paying for costly repairs to simply delay the inevitable. A replacement offers a lot less stress and will actually save you money in the long run.
  • Refrigerant leaks. A leak can be repaired, for sure. But the problem will likely come back and will be worse when it does so. A replacement offers a more permanent, higher-quality solution.
  • Reduced efficiency. If your system is starting to increase your monthly or yearly cooling costs, a replacement can provide the relief you need. Once your air conditioner reaches a certain age, it begins to need repair too frequently and you may be paying up to forty percent more for your cooling than you need to be!

Air Conditioning Company in Northern Virginia

If you are experiencing trouble with your air conditioning unit and need your system replaced, contact us to schedule service. Our air conditioning contractors will respond in a timely manner and get your home comfortable again. We are committed to bringing you superior value as a leading heating and air conditioning contractor in Northern Virginia. With our Residential Air Conditioning Sales Division, we have dedicated sales professionals who can work with you through the entire process of your purchase. Taking a special approach to each individual’s needs, John Nugent & Sons makes your satisfaction a top priority.

If you’ve noticed any of these problems with your air conditioner, don’t wait—call Nugent & Sons right away at 703-291-1926!

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