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A Guide to Air Conditioning Sizing

If you’re ready to schedule new AC installation service in Northern VA, you may have already thought about two features you want: size and power. There’s no doubt that a larger AC unit must be more effective at cooling your home this summer, right? Well—not so fast. The U.S. Department of Energy reports that a bigger air conditioner won’t necessarily give you more comfort during the hot days ahead. In fact, a room AC unit that’s too big for the area it’s intended to cool will perform less efficiently and less effectively than a smaller, properly sized unit. Central air conditioning systems should be sized by a professional AC technician.

Air Conditioning Sizing Depends on the Size of Your Property

There is no question that a bigger AC unit with more power has a greater capacity to keep a space cool. Not every space is the same size, however. The size of your new air conditioning system really should be dependent on the size of the area it will be cooling. The AC unit necessary to adequately cool a 1,000 square foot space does not have to be nearly as big as one for a 6,000 square foot home in Northern VA.

Home AC units are measured in tons—some of the smallest AC units are only 1 ton, while the larger ones are 5 tons (for residential properties). If you are looking to purchase and install a new AC unit, you should determine exactly how much space (in square feet) you need to be cooling and then choose a unit accordingly. A larger air conditioning unit will draw more humidity out of your room and ultimately drive up your energy bill.

What are the benefits of selecting an appropriately sized AC unit? Not only will you and your family feel comfortable all throughout the cooling season, you’ll save money on your energy costs. The right sized unit will provide the perfect level of cooling—without leaving the air feeling damp and clammy.

A Professional AC Technician Can Help with AC Sizing

If you know the exact square footage of the space you want to cool but still have no idea what type of AC unit to select—a professional AC technician can help! Contact John Nugent & Sons today—we can send an expert technician who can determine an appropriate unit for your home.

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