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The Benefits of an Air Knight Air Purification System

Do you know how clean the air in your home is? If not, the answer would probably surprise you, and unfortunately not in a good way. But luckily for us, the IAQ (Indoor air quality) industry has risen to the challenge in recent years, putting out strong, better, and overall far more effective purification and filtration systems. One such system, which we’ve decided to discuss with you today, is the Air Knight Purification System.

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What’s the Deal with Air Quality?

Home air quality has become a massive concern in recent years. Not that our home air has necessarily gotten worse–it’s more that studies and science have been showing a lot of interest in the subject. This has resulted in a huge amount of pertinent and useful information, and a lot of the findings have been fairly unfavorable.

Turns out the air in your home can be anywhere from twice to ten or more times more dense with pollutants than outdoor air. Why? Well, dust, mold spore, allergens, and more are all present in the home, and unlike outside, it doesn’t really have anywhere to go. So over time this all adds up, cycling all throughout your ducts, walls, carpets and fabric furniture, and other surfaces.

So is there a solution? Yes! There are many things you can do all on your own to improve indoor air, and in fact we would suggest some study on your part. There are great resources on the EPA website that can give you a good leg up on the situation.

How Can an Air Knight Air Purification System Benefit Me?

If you do a bit of that reading, you’ll find that air quality solutions of a good quality can drastically improve indoor air, helping you in a wide variety of ways. Air Knight is an ionic system, one of the best on the market, and can benefit you by:

  • Improving home air quality. The unique ionization process of an Air Knight system helps to eliminate dust, debris, common allergens, and even VOCs from the home.
  • Assisting in reducing allergy symptoms and common health problems associated with poor air quality. Almost all air particulates common in the home contribute to allergies and other health issues including respiratory complications and headaches. Air purification can assist in reducing these symptoms drastically!
  • Improving HVAC efficiency and home comfort. Clean air translates to a clean HVAC system, helping to facilitate healthy air flow, which reduces the risks of breakdowns and improves overall energy-efficiency. That means more comfort for less money!
  • Preserving home decor, furniture, and surfaces. Mold spore, dust, and other air pollution can have a really bad impact on the health of your home. An Air Knight can preserve your belongings and assets, helping to keep your home safe and comfortable.

Air Knight Purification System Installation in Northern Virginia

Looking to learn some more about our Air Knight systems, or installation services? Feel free to contact us online today! Our indoor air experts are ready to assist, and we can guarantee you’ll be stunned by the results.

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