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Do I Need Water Treatment Services?

When you turn on the tap to get a glass of water, you feel fairly confident that you can trust the water to be healthy for your body, but unfortunately you may be trusting this in vain. Even the most stringently cleaned water can have containments that are difficult to detect, and well water has a number of risks associated with it. Are you curious? Here are some ways you might know your water has a problem.

Common Signs & Risk Factors Poor Water Quality

Stained Plumbing Fixtures

Have you noticed blue or green stains on your plumbing fixtures? This is a sign of copper contamination in your water. Copper can come from pipes in your home or just outside your home, and it can cause stomach discomfort. If not checked, it can cause liver and kidney damage. This particular problem comes from your home, so the water coming from the water treatment plant may be fine, only to become contaminated near your home.

Living Near an Industrial Plant

If you live near an industrial plant and have well water, it may be contaminated from chemical residue that leaches into the soil. You could be drinking dangerous and even fatal chemicals every time you get a drink.

Living Near Agricultural Operations

Pesticides, fertilizers, and even the waste of livestock can contaminate groundwater. If you live near a farm or other agricultural operation, and you have well water, you may have a contamination problem.

Water Has an Oily Film

If your water has an oily film on top when it’s allowed to sit, such as in the toilet or when you fill the tub, then you have oil or grease in your water supply. This can occur due to a leaky water main or exposure at the water table level near your private well. Depending on the type of oil, it could be a health risk. Even if it’s not a health risk, it will detract from your quality of life. After all, no one wants to bathe or wash clothing in oily water!

What’s the Bottom Line?

The bottom line is that you won’t know if your water has problems without professional water testing. If you want to ensure that your water is safe and healthy, or want to know whether you should invest in water treatment or not, you need to have a professional test the water. This is a quick and easy service that will give you definitive answers to your questions. In fact, it’s a good idea to have your water tested once per year to rule out any problems, and the Groundwater Foundation states that those households with well water really need to invest in water testing annually.

If you need to have your water tested in Northern Virginia and Southern Maryland, contact John Nugent & Sons. We will gladly help you get the peace of mind that comes from knowing your water is safe and healthy.

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