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Home Standby Generator Maintenance Guide

In our earlier article addressing the benefits of investing in a home standby generator, we discussed that generators eliminate disruptions caused by extended power outages. They also offer peace of mind since it’s virtually impossible to steal a standby generator because it’s a permanent fixture. This is especially important in Fairfax, Arlington, Centreville, Reston, and all throughout Northern VA since the area often gets slammed with violent storms that result in power outages.

If you do have a home standby generator, it’s very important you follow appropriate generator maintenance steps. After all, a standby generator is a significant investment, and you can greatly extend the life of your unit by completing regular maintenance.

Generator Maintenance Tips

Before performing any type of generator maintenance, set your generator’s circuit breaker to its OFF position and set the control panel system switch to OFF. This is very important.

Generator maintenance includes keeping your unit clean. The unit should operate in an environment where it will not be exposed to excessive dirt, dust, moisture, or any corrosive vapors. You should make sure that cooling air louvers on the enclosures aren’t clogged with snow, leaves, or any other foreign material—this can significantly reduce the efficiency and lifespan of your standby generator. To prevent costly standby generator damage caused by overheating, make sure the enclosure cooling inlets and outlets are kept clean and unobstructed. Clean your unit when dust, dirt, oil, moisture, or other foreign substances are visible on the unit’s exterior or interior surface. You should inspect the air inlet and outlet openings inside and outside the enclosure to ensure air flow is not blocked.

Also, DO NOT use a garden hose to clean your standby generator—water can enter the engine and ruin your generator. Use a clean rag to clean surfaces and a compressed air blower to clean out the ventilation fans.

If you require any generator maintenance help or if you need generator repair, contact John Nugent & Sons. We’ll send a licensed, professional electrician your way who can address any generator issues you may be dealing with.

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