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Should I Repair or Replace My Furnace?

Though summer is still stubbornly sticking around here in the McLean area, it won’t be long now before you’ll be switching your thermostat from “cool” mode to “heat.” If you’ve recently scheduled your pre-season furnace maintenance, as you should, then you may have gotten a report back that tells you your system is in some trouble.

Should you have your furnace repaired ahead of the winter, or has the time come for a full furnace system replacement? The experts at John Nugent & Sons are here today to help you answer this very important question!

When Should I Have My Furnace Replaced?

The impulse of any homeowner is typically to go for furnace repairs above all else. Repair is faster, more convenient, and less costly. Or, at least, that’s the thought process that drives you to schedule furnace repair before considering a replacement.

But the fact of the matter is that furnace replacement can be just as viable, and in many situations can actually be the better, less costly solution. Our experts recommend that you take a strong look at the benefits of furnace replacement if:

Your Furnace is 10+ Years Old

Whether you use an electric furnace, gas, or oil, you should expect around 10 years of good service. Past this point you’ll notice a severe drop in performance and efficiency, meaning when the system goes down it may be much more cost-effective to replace it.

Your Furnace Repair Needs Are Too Frequent or Too Expensive

Repairs can be less expensive, for sure. But that changes quickly if you need multiple repairs in quick succession. If you’ve had your furnace repaired within the past year and it goes down again, it’s wise to consider replacing it.

Additionally, any time your furnace repair estimate is about 40-50% of the total cost of a furnace replacement, it may be a good idea to go ahead and replace it in order to save money long-term.

Your Heating Costs Are Climbing Yearly

Furnace efficiency should only be compromised if your furnace needs maintenance or is beginning to fail. If your heating costs last year were notably higher than the year before, then a replacement is the best way to restore cost-effective heating in your home.

Your Furnace’s Warranty Is No Longer Valid

If your furnace is out of warranty, then you may have already noticed—uncovered furnace repairs are extremely expensive! When your warranty runs out, we strongly recommend seeking furnace replacement as soon as possible.

How Do I Make the Right Choice Between Furnace Replacement and Furnace Repair?

Ideally, not alone! Repairing or replacing a furnace requires a substantial investment, both financially and in terms of the comfort of your family. If you’re unsure what service you need, but know you need service, call on a trusted heating contractor near you to have a furnace assessment. With a professional evaluation you can get a clear look at cost/benefits of both of your options, helping you to make the choice that meets your needs best.

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Whether the time has come to replace your old, out-of-date furnace, or you simply need furnace repair to get your system in fighting shape for the coming season, you can count on our skilled technicians to provide high-quality services you deserve. We offer furnace replacement, furnace repair, and seasonal furnace maintenance services to all of Fairfax County!

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