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How to Restore Electricity During Power Outage

Are you prepared for all of the potential weather that can come your way in Northern Virginia? From cold winters to stormy summers, our area has a full range of weather events. What would you do if the power goes out during a summer storm or winter ice storm? All it takes is a few hours of power outage for you to start losing the food in your refrigerator, after all. You need a way to keep the power up and running, even when your community is experiencing an outage. Just waiting it out can cause serious problems for your family. So what can you do? The answer is to install a backup generator.

What Is a Backup Generator?

A backup or standby generator is a generator that will automatically switch on when the power goes out, because these generators are permanently attached to your home and set to constantly monitor the flow of electricity into your property. When the power goes out, it takes just a few seconds for the power to start flowing from the generator, which is typically fueled by natural gas or propane. This provides steady power for your home, even in the event of a power outage, so you can keep critical items, like the refrigerator or critical medical equipment, running.

A backup or standby generator is a permanent fixture in your home. You never have to think about turning on the generator, because it’s already there, monitoring the electric service and waiting until it is needed. It’s also large and difficult to steal, which makes it a better alternative than a portable generator. Once installed, these systems tend to cost less to keep up and running, and are less likely to break down, as compared to portable generators. This makes them the logical choice for your backup power needs.

What Can You Power with a Backup Generator?

A backup generator is designed to power essential home functions, not necessarily every electrical component in your home. While you may not be able to keep your entire media system up and running, you will have enough power for the refrigerator, stove, air conditioning, basic lighting, and any necessary electric-powered medical equipment. Because they start up within seconds, your life won’t be terribly disrupted by a power outage.

Call John Nugent & Sons for Backup Generator Installation

You can’t predict the weather. You can’t know when the power is going to go out. You can be prepared, though. A backup generator will give you peace of mind and provide safety and convenience when the power does go out. Talk to the team at John Nugent & Sons for help installing a standby generator in your Northern Virginia home. If you want to have this peace of mind, call 703-291-1926.

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