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Dealing with Uneven AC Cooling

At John Nugent & Sons, one of the most common air conditioning problems our customers in Fairfax, Arlington, Centreville, Reston, and nearby areas deal with is their units providing uneven cooling. This can be a complicated problem—and it may involve a number of factors concerning the distribution of air throughout your ductwork as well as the efficiency of your system. If your unit isn’t distributing even cooling throughout your home, contact us for AC repair services in Northern VA.

To learn more about the problem of uneven AC cooling, call us at 703-291-1926.

Understanding the Problem of Uneven Cooling

In order to understand uneven cooling, you need to understand how air circulates throughout your AC system. While most people think of air conditioning as the distribution of cool air, it also requires removing air from your home by means of return ductwork. It’s a give and take process that provides balance and consistency to your indoor climate. As the pressurized refrigerant circulates through its cycle, it takes the heat from your indoor air through the return ductwork and dissipates it into the outside air. Fresh outside air is brought in through the supply ducts and cooled before being sent through your home. If these systems are not properly balanced, then there might be one room in your home that is not removing enough hot air or not pushing enough cool air in.

System imbalance is the primary reason for hotspots in your home during the cooling season, but if you have a zone control system, there may be other reasons. Zone control works by installing electric dampers into your ductwork at key intervals in order to create zones that can be individually controlled. One of the thermostats in your zones may be faulty, or one of the dampers may be broken.

Contact John Nugent & Sons for AC Repairs in Northern VA

Uneven cooling can be very frustrating for you and your family—and it might be a sign of a more serious issue that requires immediate attention. John Nugent & Sons proudly serves Fairfax, Arlington, Centreville, Reston, and other areas throughout Northern VA. Contact us today if your AC unit isn’t properly cooling your home.

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