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Why Does My Well Pump Run Constantly?

Your well pump should not run constantly. In fact, if you have this problem, you will quickly see your electric bill going up. If you’re noticing that it is, or if you’re having problems with it cycling on and off repeatedly, it may be a sign of a problem. John Nugent & Sons is here to help you with all of your well pump problems, but before you call, do some troubleshooting of your own to determine if you can find the cause of the problem. Here are seem common reasons why your well pump may run constantly.

Problems with the Pressure Gauge

For the pump to cycle on and off correctly, it must have a working pressure gauge and pressure switch. Determine if the pressure switch is working as it should. If the well gets higher than 60 psi but doesn’t shut off, then it’s probably the switch. For wells where the switch isn’t the problem, you may have a leak in the line somewhere. Fix this, and you may find that the system gets back to normal.

Drop Pipe Hole

The drop pipe is connected to the submersible pump that delivers the water from the bottom of the well to the pressure tank. Old wells have galvanized pipe for this drop pipe, and this material is vulnerable to holes. Unfortunately, even a tiny hole can prevent the water from going up the pipe as it should. Instead, it will flow back down to the well, so the pump cannot build sufficient pressure to function as it should. This will cause it to run constantly. Over time, the hole in the pipe will get larger, causing more problems.

Plumbing Leaks

You can also have a constantly running well pump because of leaks from the plumbing to the home. To find these leaks, look for wet spots in the grass, which may show because the grass is much larger or greener than the surrounding areas where the extra water is. This leak will prevent the proper pressure from building, which in turn will cause the pump to not cycle off. Finding and fixing the leak will fix the problem and cause the pump to run properly.

Need Well Pump Repairs in Northern Virginia? We Can Help!

If you have looked for these problems and haven’t found a solution, you need to call a pro. John Nugent a& Sons knows well pump systems well, and will help you determine the cause of your problem. Leaving the problem without a solution will cause skyrocketing energy bills, so contact John Nugent & Sons today to discuss your problem and get to the bottom of it. With the help of our skilled technicians, you can have a well pump that functions as it should and energy bills that are under control.

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