Circuit Breaker Installation in Northern Virginia

Whether your circuit breaker constantly trips and you’re looking to upgrade to a new circuit breaker with a higher amperage rating or you’re wiring new areas of your home and need new breakers added to your current panel, the experts at John Nugent & Sons have got you covered.

Contact us today for circuit breaker installation in Northern Virginia, including Fairlington and the surrounding areas.

When Should I Replace My Circuit Breakers?

Is your breaker constantly tripping? Is it hot to the touch? If you answered yes to either of these questions, you may be in need of circuit breaker replacement. Circuit breakers tend to last a long time, but sometimes they become worn out and broken. If your circuit breaker is hot to the touch, putting off a burning smell, if it trips often, or won’t reset, you should replace the breaker. Other warning signs include frayed wires or burned material. If you are unsure, call on of our electricians. We can help inspect and assess the problem.

Can I Install My Own Circuit Breaker?

All of your home’s electrical appliances are connected to the various electrical circuits that run through your home. These circuits are all connected to your home’s circuit breaker panel, which you’re probably pretty familiar with if you’ve ever blown a circuit! The electric load that your circuit breakers can handle depends on its amperage rating.

If you’re planning on wiring a new room or adding a new, high-wattage appliance, you’ll likely need a new circuit or two.

All this talk about electrical loads, wattage, and circuits, we should probably warn you, this isn’t one of those Saturday DIY projects. Replacing or installing a circuit breaker can be dangerous and is best left to licensed electricians. Electrical projects are tricky and often dangerous. Our electricians are ready to help with your circuit breaker project—or any other electrical service you may need!

Types of Circuit Breakers

At John Nugent & Sons, we install the following types of circuit breakers in the Northern Virginia area:

  • Standard circuit breakers
  • GFCI circuit breakers
  • AFCI circuit breakers

One of our electricians can help you decide which circuit breaker is best for your home based on the load capacity you need and whether or not they are compatible with your breaker panel.

Why Choose John Nugent & Sons for Your Circuit Breaker Replacement?

Circuit breakers are designed to protect your home’s electrical system and appliances. If your circuit breaker is malfunctioning you could end up damaging your appliances and those can be very costly to replace. We’ve been providing electrical services to residents all over Northern Virginia since 1975, so you can trust us with your circuit breaker replacement services. Our electrical technicians are all highly trained so you will have an expert working on any issues you’re having.

We know your life is busy, that’s why you can schedule your appointment online! You can also give us a call for more information, 703-291-1926!

John Nugent & Sons is licensed, bonded, and insured.

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