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HVAC Maintenance in McLean, VA & Throughout Northern Virginia

Proper HVAC maintenance is essential when it comes to increasing your equipment’s life span and efficiency. Best of all, it doesn’t have to be a complicated process. Just a little extra effort — or some help from the experts at John Nugent & Sons — can make a big difference in the performance of your HVAC systems. Be sure to keep the following HVAC maintenance tips in mind so you can add years to the life of your equipment and maybe even save some money on your energy bills in the process!

Schedule HVAC maintenance in McLean or the surrounding areas in Northern Virginia by giving us a call at 703-291-1926 or contacting us online!

The Importance of HVAC Tune-Ups

You may have read your manual and done some research on your equipment, but if you aren’t an HVAC technician, you probably don’t know everything about your unit. That’s why it is a good idea to have a professional come to your home and check out your equipment for you. An HVAC technician will know what issues to look for and will be able to recommend repairs when necessary. Even if everything is working well with your equipment, you will at least get peace of mind knowing you can rely on your HVAC system. Professional HVAC maintenance is always a good idea to lengthen the life span of your unit and save you a lot of headaches.

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How Often Should I Change My HVAC Air Filter?

A simple way to perform effective HVAC maintenance is by changing your filters every month. Your filters function as a catch-all for any harmful things in your air, like particles that might make you sneeze or cough. Your filters block these particles from getting through so you only breathe clean, healthy air. However, these filters will get dirty and need replacing. If you don’t replace them on a regular basis, they will just become more and more clogged and not allow much air to get through. That means a big reduction in efficiency and more wasted money on your part. Changing the filters on your HVAC equipment will ensure your unit operates at its optimal efficiency so you get the most out of it. This is probably the easiest form of HVAC maintenance and it gives you great results!

Get an HVAC Maintenance Agreement

As we said, HVAC inspections are important. You can ensure you always get them on a regular basis by signing up for an HVAC maintenance agreement in Northern Virginia. John Nugent & Sons offers HVAC maintenance agreements to customers in Fairfax, Arlington, and Loudoun County! With us, you’ll get two yearly inspections (one each season), priority emergency service, discounts, and more! Plus, you won’t have to remember when it’s time to call for an inspection. We’ll take all the stress away when it comes to your HVAC systems.

Choose John Nugent & Sons for HVAC Maintenance in Northern Virginia

No matter where you’re located in Northern Virginia, from McLean to Arlington to Vienna and beyond, our Falls Church HVAC maintenance services are unrivaled. We’ll give you the peace of mind you need to be sure you can count on your heating and air conditioning equipment. We’ll help you avoid major repairs by catching problems before they get out of hand.

To learn more about our HVAC maintenance in McLean or the surrounding areas in Northern Virginia, give us a call at 703-291-1926 or contact us online!

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