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What to Do When My HVAC Is Flooded?

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There has been a lot of rain this summer in Northern Virginia, and we all hate it! With huge amounts of rain and flooding happening, John Nugent & Sons has gotten a lot of questions about AC units and what to do when the water is high and getting too close to the unit.

The Water Is Starting to Rise—What Should I Do?

If you have a split air conditioning unit with a portion of it outside and the water is starting to creep up, you should immediately turn off the power to the AC unit. If the flooding occurred while you were away, you should turn off the unit now and call in to have an HVAC technician come look at your system.

Should I Restart My AC After the Flood?

AC units are meant to function with normal outside weather, and a flood is outside the realm of average weather. Whether or not your HVAC unit was running while the water flooded it, it’s much safer to let a certified technician take a look because there is a good chance the fuses, circuits, or wires have water damage. You don’t want to start a fire or get a shock when you try to start it again.

AC Repair in Falls Church, VA & Surrounding Areas

Once your HVAC unit has flooded, the best thing you can do is call in an HVAC technician to look at your unit. There are many reasons to call immediately for a repair, such as:

  • Floodwater has a lot of dirt in it that can clog up the coils
  • Water can damage the wires
  • Check the refrigerant level (which leaks if the water gets too high)
  • Check the ductwork
  • And more!

John Nugent & Sons has decades’ worth of experience with air conditioning and HVAC units. We never try to get our customers to buy things they don’t need because we respect our customers and their needs. We will always repair the flooded HVAC units that can be saved!

Call (703) 291-1926 or contact John Nugent & Sons for an AC repair in Falls Church, VA or surrounding areas today!

Do I Need to Replace My HVAC Unit After It Floods?

If your unit looks OK, the HVAC tech will repair the AC and be on their way. If the HVAC unit is not going to work with just a repair, the HVAC technician at John Nugent & Sons can help you determine the affordable options you have to replace the flooded HVAC unit. The kind of HVAC unit you have, the depth of the water, and how long the unit was underwater will largely determine if it needs to be replaced.

Remember: The HVAC unit has a lot of electrical parts and no online video is going to help you keep from getting electrocuted or burnt from trying to fix the flooded HVAC yourself.

Contact John Nugent & Sons for any HVAC services in Northern Virginia today!

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