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Choosing Security Lighting for Your Northern Virginia Home

The safety of your Northern Virginia home is one of the most important subjects we can cover here at John Nugent & Sons. Our team is a family, and we understand the importance of securing your home against intruders and misfortunes. And as far as intruder deterrent goes, outdoor and security lighting is counted as one of the most effective means around.

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Security Lighting for Your Home

Before we talk lighting types, there’s an important point we need to make. Security lighting, at its most effective, tends to be a little more modest than one would expect. The purpose is to adequately illuminate key entry points to the home; so you or a neighbor would notice if someone comes around your home with ill intent.

We mention this because many homeowners choose to flood their homes with a truly massive amount of light or only choose to light non-critical parts of the home (landscape only, etc.). You’re not getting much benefit if your lights are blinding not only the vandals, but you and your neighbors as well! You don’t want your lighting to be obstructive—just effective.

Choosing Security Lighting

So what are those “key points” we were mentioning? Doors, for one. Windows, habitually shadowy areas, and anywhere someone might consider a good place to carry on some mischief. Let’s get a bit more specific!

Lighting Around Doors

Any entry door to your home should be clear of obstructions. This means no large furniture or foliage within five or so feet and clear, easy to see lighting. For this purpose, you might consider motion lighting or fluorescent lighting to deter those with funny ideas. Why? Because fluorescent light is consistent without being blinding, and motion lighting is a great “shock” deterrent, making many intruders flee your door before the job even gets underway.

Landscape & Back Yard Lighting

Your landscape might have a lot of ground to cover, but it’s best to focus on the twenty or so feet around your home in any direction. Light out by the streets or off in the deeps of your back yard aren’t going to do much good. You want lighting that is consistent, but you need to avoid creating shadows. Motion lighting is always a good choice, and you might consider HID or fluorescent to create light uniformity. HID is a great choice for very clear light around your home, just don’t go overboard and blind yourself!

Emergency Lighting

In the event of a scare or emergency, halogen flood lighting can be an excellent solution. At the flip of a switch you can make your home and yard look like it’s high noon. This is great for burglar scares or it can help a lot in a weather or home emergency to light a safe path.

Choose John Nugent & Sons for Security Lighting in Northern Virginia

If you’re considering installing security lighting on your Northern Virginia property, you need an expert team that has experience designing and installing a variety of lighting fixtures. With John Nugent & Sons you can rest easy knowing you have a team of professional electricians by your side. John Nugent & Sons has been family owned and operated since 1975. We pride ourselves on providing the high quality of service and very personal touch that only a family company can offer.

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