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Will Closing Air Vents Save Energy?

When you have rooms in your home that you don’t use regularly, it’s tempting to shut the air vents in an attempt to save money. After all, why should you spend energy heating or cooling a room you aren’t using? Before you do, take the time to understand more about…

Which Heating System Is Most Efficient?

When it comes to heating your home, you have three basic options: heat pumps, boilers, and furnaces. If your goal is to heat your home most efficiently, you will need to weigh your options to choose the right one. Here’s the information you need to choose the right heating system….

Troubleshooting Furnace Problems

There is no good time to have a furnace problem, and it can be especially inconvenient if it happens late at night or over the weekend when you may have to wait longer for service. Though most furnace problems should be handled by a professional HVAC contractor, there are a…

Avoid Electrical Accidents this Holiday

The holidays should be a fun, relaxing time for your family and friends, without trips to the hospital, visits from the fire department, or other unfortunate events. When you are using or installing holiday lighting, electronics, and other potentially hazardous products, you should take care to avoid accidents and injuries….

Is Your Home Prepared for Winter Storms?

While some winters can be fairly mild, others can surprise you and bring with them strong storms. Before the cold weather officially arrives, make sure your home can withstand the added stress of Mother Nature! Be sure to take precautionary steps necessary to keep your family warm and safe. Is Your…

5 Reasons to Switch to an Electric Furnace

In Northern Virginia, oil and gas furnaces are quite common. However, for those looking for an alternative, an electric furnace might be the answer. If you are in need of a new furnace, you may want to consider switching from gas and oil to electric. Here are some reasons why. 1….

Fall Home Maintenance Checklist

Summer is almost over, and with the coming of fall comes thoughts of getting your home ready for winter. While “spring cleaning” is commonly tackled in the spring, fall is a time to focus on maintenance around your home. As the temperatures start to drop, here’s what you need to…

Free Beauty and the Beast Screening on the Village Green

Join us for Movies on the Green in Great Falls on Saturday, September 9th for a free screening of Disney’s Beauty and the Beast (live action version)! Popcorn will be provided, and blankets, chairs, and picnics are all welcome for a family-friendly evening of movies under the stars! Event Details: What:…

How to Restore Electricity During Power Outage

Are you prepared for all of the potential weather that can come your way in Northern Virginia? From cold winters to stormy summers, our area has a full range of weather events. What would you do if the power goes out during a summer storm or winter ice storm? All…

Why Does My Well Pump Run Constantly?

Your well pump should not run constantly. In fact, if you have this problem, you will quickly see your electric bill going up. If you’re noticing that it is, or if you’re having problems with it cycling on and off repeatedly, it may be a sign of a problem. John…

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