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Why Is My Gas Furnace Leaking?

You’ve likely encountered your fair share of heating system troubles over the years. A clank or squeal here, a breakdown there; it’s all fairly common every now and then. But what on earth could be making your gas furnace leak water? The answers are surprisingly simple, and the certified team at John Nugent & Sons are here to help you find them!

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Why Is My Furnace Leaking?

There are two “common types” of furnace these days; high-efficiency gas furnaces, and the more standard ones most of us are accustomed to. Both can potentially leak, but for very different reasons!

A Gas Furnace Might Leak If…

A standard-efficiency gas furnace doesn’t have that many potential causes for a leak, so your options are quite easy here. The only real big cause of a furnace leak would be an incorrectly installed flue (the big metal pipe that carries exhaust out of the home). When your flue is too small, or installed poorly, heat can become trapped, which over time will cool and convert any moisture content into liquid.

This water will eventually find its way down the flue and either into your furnace or onto the floor nearby. As you might guess, this is uncommon, but really bad news for your furnace. If your standard furnace is leaking water, call in a trusted professional immediately.

The only other possibility for a standard furnace system to leak is if you have a humidity-control system in place. If it ties directly into your ducts or furnace system, it’s probably your true culprit.

A High-Efficiency Gas Furnace Might Leak If…

These furnaces have a much more legitimate reason to leak. A high-efficiency furnace makes use of a dual heat exchanger system to get more out of your fuel sources. However, there is a gap in between these processes that allows the air in your furnace to rapidly cool, creating condensation, Normally this condensation is handled by the furnace’s drain system, which safely disposes of the water with no hassle. But these issues may cause a leak:

  • Clogged drain system line
  • Damage to the drain line or drain pan
  • One of your heat exchangers is damaged or not working properly

These problems still aren’t particularly common, but they do happen on occasion. If you’re using a high-efficiency furnace and you’ve got a water leak, one of the above three is almost definitely the problem at hand.

Gas Furnace Repair in Northern Virginia with John Nugent & Sons

No matter the type of furnace, or the issue you’re experiencing, our certified HVAC repair professionals can get you the fast service and exceptional solutions you need! Your comfort is critically important to our team, so when you’ve got a furnace problem, we act fast with industry-leading diagnostics and rapid response times, guaranteed. Contact us today to learn more, or to schedule an appointment for your repair service!

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