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Drain Cleaning in McLean & Northern Virginia

Clogged or slow drains in the kitchen or bathroom can be a huge pain. And while it’s easy to reach for one of those chemical drain cleaners that claim they can knock out “even the toughest clogs,” it’s actually not a good idea to use them — they can seriously damage your pipes.

The best option is to contact John Nugent & Sons for drain cleaning services in Northern Virginia.

Our Drain Cleaning Services

At John Nugent & Sons, we provide drain cleaning for all the drains in your home, including:

  • Kitchen drain cleaning: Things like grease, soap, and food particles can build up in the pipes and eventually cause them to become completely blocked. The best way to take care of a kitchen drain clog is by calling John Nugent & Sons. We’ll use a drain auger to break up the clog, sending it through the pipe and out of your house.
  • Bathroom drain cleaning: Bathroom drains are particularly susceptible to drain clogs. Hair, soap, dirt, etc., can all cause major blockages in bathroom drains, which include the sinks as well as the shower or bathtub. A professional drain cleaning company is the fastest, easiest, and safest way to clear out a bathroom drain clog.
  • Sewer line drain cleaning: If all the drains in your home start backing up at once, you probably have a clog in your sewer main. Sewer main clogs are commonly caused by tree root invasions, which can cause things like food and toilet paper to get stuck and create a huge backup.

Why Trust a Professional Plumber To Clear Drain Clogs?

1. Safe Solutions

Store-bought chemical drain cleaners can corrode and damage pipes over time, leading to expensive repairs in the future. Professional plumbers use safer drain augers and snakes to effectively dislodge clogs without harming your pipes.

2. Quick Diagnoses

Skilled plumbers have the expertise to quickly diagnose the root cause of even the most stubborn drain clogs. Some clogs are caused by issues like tree root infiltration deep in the plumbing system that require extensive repairs to fix properly. Trying to remedy major clogs like these yourself can lead to even bigger plumbing problems down the line.

3. Specialized Equipment

Plumbers have access to specialized equipment like video camera inspections that allow them to thoroughly inspect pipes before and after drain cleaning. This helps professional plumbers catch any potential pipe problems or issues before they can develop into major plumbing disasters.

4. Long-Term Solutions

With their extensive training, professional plumbers can recommend long-term solutions to help prevent recurring clog issues in your home’s plumbing system. Don’t risk damaging your pipes or having an incomplete fix by attempting it yourself.

Trust the experts at John Nugent & Sons for safe, thorough drain cleaning services. Their skilled plumbers have the proper tools and knowledge to get your drains flowing freely again quickly and effectively.

How Can I Prevent Clogged Drains?

There are a number of things you can do to prevent your drains from ever clogging in the first place:

  • Don’t pour grease down the drain: The biggest cause of clogged kitchen drains is grease and fat, which collects around the walls of your pipe and narrows the opening, completely clogging the drain over time. Instead of pouring oil, grease, and fat down the sink, pour it into an old coffee can or other container until it cools and solidifies, and then throw it in the trash.
  • Use drain screens in the shower: Hair and soap scum can create nasty clogs in your shower drains, so if you don’t have them already, visit your local plumbing supply store to find a screen for your drain.
  • Run hot water through the sink after each use: Hot water will help melt any collected grease along the pipe walls and keep food products moving down the drain.

Why Call John Nugent & Sons for Drain Cleaning in McLean, VA?

John Nugent & Sons has been family-owned and -operated since 1975. We pride ourselves on providing the high quality of service and personal touch that only a family company can offer. We believe every customer deserves to be treated with the same respect and honesty as a member of our family.

Our top-ranked customer service and superior quality of work can be attributed to this belief. In 1975, we started small, but over the years, more and more people have accepted our offer to join the family.

While we’ve grown to meet the expanding needs of these customers, we’re always careful not to jeopardize the value and quality of service that have been our trademarks since the beginning. Our commitment to excellence is what got us this far, and we plan on honoring this commitment long into the future.

Each employee of John Nugent & Sons is empowered with this same commitment. It’s what drives our search for more and better ways to serve our customers effectively while offering the highest quality products possible.

We’re also committed to educating our employees so every technician who enters your home is the most qualified technician available. We evaluate our programs regularly to ensure that our employees remain current on changing technology. It’s our sincere desire to enhance our services and improve our performance for your benefit.

Contact us online to learn more about our drain cleaning services in McLean and Northern Virginia. John Nugent & Sons is licensed, bonded, and insured.

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