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Should I Install a Boiler or Furnace?

Fall is finally officially here, and many homeowners in Northern Virginia are heaving a huge sigh of relief. But we’re only out of the woods for a short bit, and winter is on the way! Wondering whether installing a new boiler or a furnace would meet your heating needs best this year? The choice can seem a bit tough, but the experts at John Nugent & Sons have you covered!

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Boilers vs. Furnaces: Which Is the Best?

To get our answer, we’ll have to alter the question a bit. In the world of heating and cooling, there really is no “best” system. No furnace, heat pump, or boiler in the world reigns supreme over all others. It’s more about matching the system that suits you specifically the best.

Each homeowner has unique wants and needs, and each home supports and accommodates unique systems differently. So to find the solution you’re looking for, it’s best to learn as much as you can about each option, and then take it from there. Let’s look at boilers and furnaces real quick and see if we can’t clarify for you.

Boiler Heating Systems

Boilers heat your home in a way that is totally unique to their system. Rather than burning fuels to force heated air through ducts, boilers heat the home by way of a network of water-filled pipes or radiators. Water is heated and circulated throughout the home, providing a powerful, even heating solution. Boilers are best known for:

  • Extremely strong, exceedingly even heating
  • Versatility in heating, and as an auxiliary or primary water heater
  • Hardy, dependable service that rarely needs repair
  • Quiet operation

Sounds great, right? Well yes, they are one of our favorite heating options. So why doesn’t everyone use them? The biggest factor in that is cost. Boilers, while fairly efficient these days, are less efficient overall than furnaces, and the cost of installation is rather high. Our experts would say the investment is entirely worth it, but cost is a huge consideration, of course.


A furnace heats the vast majority of homes throughout the United States. Through the use of oil, natural gas, or electricity, furnaces force heated air through the home by way of duct work. With a furnace, you get a sturdy and dependable heating solution that can accommodated your needs perfectly well. Furnaces are known for:

  • Variability in construction, allowing for lots of customizable options and solutions
  • Low installation costs, and in many situation low operation costs as well
  • Strong, dependable heat

Furnaces are a faithful and fantastic option for your Northern Virginia home. Our experts install more of these systems a year than any other, and our patrons are always satisfied with the results! Furnaces are also the more accessible of the two, as ductwork is much simple to deal with than the can-be complex pipe networking of a boiler. Nothing our experts can’t handle, but it does tend to affect the installation time!

If you’re looking for furnace or boiler installation services, look no further than John Nugent & Sons! Our experienced team can help you find the option that meets your needs best. Contact us today to learn more, or to schedule a consultation!

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