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Comfort Solutions for Larger Homes

In Northern Virginia, homes can range from small condos to large million dollar homes. The size of your home is directly correlated to how much you spend each month trying to heat or cool it. Whether you are in the large family home or an old, historic house, you know how expensive it can be to keep the temperature comfortable. Try several, or all of the following tips from the heating and cooling experts at John Nugent & Sons to help you lower your energy bills.

Proper Home Insulation

Adequate insulation is important in both the walls and the roof. The roof is especially important because heat rises and all your heat will slowly dissipate during the winter. Properly insulating your home will help keep it cooler in the summer and warmer in the winter, all without over-taxing your heating and cooling system.

Maintain Your Heating & Cooling System

To function properly, your system needs regular maintenance such as general cleaning and air filter changes. Having a professional come in to clean vents and do a tune-up on your system is recommended at least every six months to a year. The professional can make sure your duct system is clear of debris and leaks. By doing this, you help keep your system running smoothly and catch any issues before they become major.

Update Your Windows

Double-glazed windows will help keep your home comfortable year-round. Making sure your windows are properly installed will keep both heat and cold on the outside. Installing thermal curtains will also add more insulation. These curtains block the hot sun and the wind, enabling your home to maintain a more consistent temperature.

Install Programmable Thermostats

When your home is empty, the temperature inside your home does not need to be as warm or as cool. By installing a programmable thermostat, you make it possible to save money and be comfortable. Program it to reach the ideal temperature for your family about an hour before everyone arrives home. Some programmable thermostats can be set up to reach different temperatures in different parts of your home. In this way, you can keep the upper floors at a lower temperature since the heat will rise. There are many energy saving tips to utilize when dealing with your thermostat.

Invest in an Energy Audit

Investing in an energy audit can help you find all the ways you are losing energy, such as cracks in walls or the foundation, a window that isn’t installed properly or a partially clogged exhaust on your furnace. These things will eventually end up saving you money down the road if addresses properly. The auditor will be able to show you where changes can be made to help maintain comfort levels and avoid wasted energy. They can suggest changes that are tailored to your individual needs, making them worth the time and effort.

Save Money with John Nugent & Sons

Updating everything in your home may seem like a lot of work at first. The truth of the matter is, however, that this initial outlay of time and money will more than pay for itself in a shorter time than you expect. The first and easiest thing you can do to save money on your energy bills is call John Nugent & Sons to have your heating and cooling system inspected and tuned-up. Contact us online to schedule an appointment!

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