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Indoor Air Quality Fast Facts

When you think about the air in your Mclean home, what comes to mind? Or do you even think about it all? If you’re like most folks, the odds are good that your air quality doesn’t concern you much at all. But at John Nugent & Sons, our certified air and HVAC professionals have a clear view on the topic, and there are some things we’d like you to know!

If you’re looking for top-class air quality solutions in Virginia, the team at John Nugent & Sons can help! We’ve been providing the best in air quality solutions, products and services for years, so give us a call at 703-291-1926, or contact us online.

What’s the Deal with Air Quality?

Okay, so look at it like this. On average most people spend roughly eighty to ninety percent of any given day indoors. But what do folks think of when they talk about outdoor city air? Smog, pollution, allergens, and the rest, yes? Well unfortunately, all of that same stuff is in your home, too. Except even worse, it is many times more dense, and is constantly being accumulated and cycled by your HVAC system, resulting in a compounding problem that can lead to a wide array of complications.

Poor indoor air quality can cause or contribute to:

  • Increased allergies and allergy symptoms
  • Poor respiratory health
  • Headaches
  • Bad HVAC energy-efficiency and higher energy costs
  • Damage to appliances and tools
  • Mold growth

And that’s just the short list! So, why do we tell you all of this? We’ll say right now it isn’t meant to scare. It’s meant to make folks aware of a very, very common problem we’re seeing in modern homes that needs to be addressed.

Fast Facts About Air Quality:

  1. Air quality is in the EPA’s “top five” public health risks. Indoor air is also known to be anywhere from double to ten or more times more pollutant-dense than outdoor air.
  2. Instances of childhood and young adult asthma have risen exponentially in the past twenty years, and poor air quality is one of the causes.
  3. Poor air quality is the source of many foul home odors. Clean air makes for a clean smelling home; something we all most certainly want.
  4. Household cleaners and chemicals contribute heavily to bad air quality. As well as wax candles and commercial air fresheners.
  5. More than half of the mold problems homeowners deal with are related to air quality. Particularly since mold spore is common in outdoor and indoor air, and can rapidly take hold in duct work or moist areas.

Reduce and Remove Air Pollutants in Your McLean, VA Home

So how do you take control of your home air quality, and make your life easier to breathe in? First up, learn as much as you can. There are loads of excellent resources from credible sources that can help you avoid harmful chemicals and common air quality hard spots.

But if you’re looking for the ultimate in home air quality solutions, talk to the team at John Nugent & Sons! We offer top-class air purifier and filtration systems that can help you breathe easier, protect your home and furniture, and can even help you gain some more HVAC efficiency to boot! Want to learn a little more? Contact our experts online today!

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