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Cost Saving Cooling Tips for Northern Virginia Homeowners

Your cooling system is essentially a necessity once the warmer weather arrives here in Virginia. Unfortunately, it’s also one of the largest energy and utility expenditures, as well. So how can you stay comfortable, while avoiding spiking cooling costs and financial potholes? The experts at John Nugent & Sons are here to help! We’ve sifted through the wives tales and hearsay to find real nuggets of truth that will help you keep costs down, and comfort up this summer season!

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Energy-Efficient Cooling Tips

We’ve built this list of proven, effective methods of cooling and cost-saving to help you in the quest for affordable comfort:

Control Your Thermostat

Higher control of your HVAC system is the key to low-cost cooling:

  • Turn down the cooling at bedtime. Night is inherently cooler, and you should be able to get away with turning your system up a few degrees. It may not seem like much, but this alone can save you hundreds over the year.
  • Turn the system down, or off when leaving the home. Activities that take you away from home for long periods of time such as work, vacation, or out-of-town trips are wasting your energy. Cut the system off for longer trips, but at least turn it down for work.
  • Consider a programmable thermostatProgrammable systems are one of the greatest inventions to hit the HVAC scene in years. Responsive, smart control of your system saves time, energy, and money.

Improve Your Windows

Windows that lack treatments, or are left open could be costing you hundreds every year. Fix the issue with:

  • Blinds and curtains. Even better when in combination, these additions shield your home from heat generated by thermal transfer. Having your windows open and exposed during the day may bring some good light into the home, but it adds a few degrees as well.
  • Screens, films, and treatments. There are lots of great window-protecting options out there. Solar screens that fit over the exterior of your window are a great option, as are heat-resistant metallic films. These are great for those who love sunlight, but hate sun heat!

Make Use of Fans

Fans don’t literally cool the air in your home, but the movement of air helps mitigate humidity. This can make your rooms feel about four or five degrees cooler, keeping you from having to crank up your air conditioner on the hotter days! For the most effective results, use ceiling fans, and learn about attic fans as well.

Consider Maintenance & Possibly AC Replacement

Maintenance is critical for reducing cooling costs, and avoiding costly repairs. But if your system refuses to play nice, and just isn’t adequately meeting your needs, consider replacement! In most cases, a replacement will pay for itself within a few years of installation, rewarding your home with higher quality, efficient cooling.

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