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Why Does My Boiler Smell?

Boilers are absolutely great. Our experts love them, and the homeowners who get boiler installation with John Nugent & Sons love them, too! But they come with some unique and occasionally baffling issues that are somewhat unique to them. For instance what do you do when your boiler starts to smell funny?

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What Is that Odd Smell Coming from my Boiler?

There are a few different smells a boiler can give off, each indicating a totally unique issue. Luckily, many of them are somewhat pungent, and while that can be pretty annoying when it happens, it also gives you a very clear sign that you need to call in professionals for repair. These smells are the most common for boilers, and are problems our experts are well-equipped to handle:

  • Sickly, rotting smells. The smell of rot is somewhat universally known. When it invades your home, you know Depending on its severity, even your neighbors might know it! When it concerns a boiler, the smell is most commonly attributed to mold growth. Being a system that works with water and moisture, the risk of mold can be high if your boiler begins to leak a bit, which can spread mold to nearby flooring, furniture, and cellulose (wood) based materials.
  • Bad egg/sulfur. The smell of rotting eggs is commonly known to be a gas leak. And if you’re using a gas boiler, that’s almost certainly what that smell is! This can be very dangerous, so if you ever catch a whiff, shut off your gas main and give our professionals a call immediately to ensure your safety. While you’re at it, it may be wise to open windows or step out of your home until the problem can be accurately diagnosed.
  • Burning smells. A hot burning smell that comes and goes when your boiler is on is usually a simple dust buildup on parts, or even just the radiators your boiler uses. Shutting the boiler off and giving everything a good dusting could solve the problem right out. If not, you might need boiler maintenance from our experts to get the deep cleaning your boiler needs.
  • Metallic, electric smells. Failing electrical components are a very uncommon issue with boilers, but it can still happen. If you smell something like burnt wiring, it is prudent to shut off your boiler and call for repair right away. If the smell persists even after power to the boiler is shut off, you might need to call an electrician.

Superior Boiler Services in McLean

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