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Should Your Heat Pump Run All the Time?

Are you new to using a heat pump to keep your home comfortable through McLean fall and winter seasons? If so, you might be asking a question we see pretty frequently: “Should my heat pump run all the time?”

We can quickly put your mind at ease and say that your system is probably doing exactly what it should. For a more detailed answer, check what the heat pump contractors at John Nugent & Sons have to say on today’s blog post.

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Why Do Heat Pumps Run All the Time?

During cold days—the days when the temperature is below 30 degrees especially—your heat pump will run all of the time. In a standard furnace heating system, the unit consumes fuel, be it gas or electricity, and then pushes a large volume of hot air into your home and disperses it evenly.

A heat pump, however, is designed to run slowly and steadily, and to provide more consistent heat. These systems are designed to siphon ambient heat from outdoor air and steadily bring it into your home. The process is very efficient, both from an energy and cost perspective. But it takes more time, and so your system tends to run most of the time during the winter.

Can a Heat Pump Really Keep Up?

It sure can. We know that it’s easy to want the big, rumbling power of a furnace. But the efficiency of a heat pump is extremely cost-effective, and this slower, steadier method of operation is typically plenty strong enough to keep up. Plus, modern heat pump systems have backup when they need it.

If temperatures in your home get cooler than the heat pump can ordinarily handle, the auxiliary heating kicks in. This is usually an electric- or gas-supplied heating element that will switch on if the heat pump cannot regulate temperatures on its own.

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Should I Ever Worry About My Heat Pump Running All Day?

You might be right to be concerned about your heat pump when:

  • The heat pump is running all day in the summer – The cooling cycle of your heat pump operates more closely to a central AC system, and shouldn’t be running all day.
  • The heat pump is running all day during warmer days –  Similarly, a heat pump should really only be running most of the day in below 35 degree weather, give or take a few degrees depending on the age of the heat pump and how well it has been maintained.
  • The heat pump is making odd noises – Strange noises should always prompt you to call for heat pump repair. These often indicate bad or damaged parts!
  • Your heat pump is not running all the time on cold days – Heat pumps regularly go into a defrost mode to keep the system free of ice during the winter. If the defrost cycle fails, it can cause the entire unit to freeze over.

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