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Why Is My Boiler Leaking?

Having issues with a boiler leak? If so, “Help!” is exactly what you need! Boiler leaks are actually a quite serious concern, and can be caused by many different issues. But no matter the cause, the end result is the same: water damage to your home, damage to your boiler, and even the possibility of boiler replacement if the issue isn’t caught early enough.

At John Nugent & Sons, we never want you to be stuck with a leaky, damaged boiler system. And so we come to you today with answers through the leading causes for a boiler leak, and how to spot them.

Need emergency boiler repair services? You can always place your trust in the certified team at John Nugent & Sons! Contact us today to get a fast, effective response that guarantees the solutions you need.

Root of the Threat: The Most Common Causes for a Boiler Leak

There are actually tons of potential causes for a boiler leak. They most often relate to a broken or loose valve, or a damaged seal in the system. But in the end, that doesn’t tell you much. Here’s how to spot these common boiler leak issues so you can get fast boiler repair:

  • Damage to the tank or boiler body. Cracks and stress damage, as well as rusting, are all common symptoms of either a very old boiler, or one that doesn’t get enough routine maintenance. These should be fairly easy to spot, and if you’re noticing water around the boiler, this should be the first thing you check for. The damage should be obvious, manifesting as a crack, dent, or contour change in the boiler’s body.
  • Busted seals. Your boiler depends on good seals to contain the pressure it produces as it operates. Seal damage is local to the site of damage, so if seal damage is your issue you should be able to spot it outright, and the leak is likely to be a consistent drip.
  • Excessive pressure. All boilers produce a certain amount of pressure as they operate. Normally, this pressure is regulated within the system. But if your boiler outlet pipe is dropping large amounts of noticeable water around the base of your boiler on a daily basis, you likely have a pressure problem. Do not under any circumstance attempt to correct a pressure problem on your own! It can be very dangerous, so please leave it to the certified experts.
  • Leaky pipe fittings. It’s unfortunate to say, but if the pipe fittings for your boiler system are leaking water, the boiler was almost definitely installed incorrectly. This problem isn’t common to see in older boilers, and is most common directly after a botched new installation. This will almost definitely require the boiler to be re-installed, however the boiler itself should be fine to serve the purpose (unless it was incorrectly sized from the get-go).

Superior Boiler Services in McLean

When you need top-tier boiler repair or replacement services, you can always trust the team at John Nugent & Sons. Our years of experience and industry-leading training ensures you’ll always get a fast, effective resolution to suit your needs. Contact John Nugent & Sons today and let us restore the comfort you deserve in your Northern Virginia home!

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