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Conserving Energy Around the Holidays

Holiday celebrations combined with the cold winter months often result in high utility bills—which can be a major burden around the holidays. At John Nugent & Sons, we understand that no one wants to spend their hard earned money on utility bills. But there are some ways you can maximize your home’s efficiency AND minimize the costs at the same time.

Whether you’re facing heating or electrical problems in your Northern Virginia home, John Nugent & Sons can help! Call us at 703-291-1926 or schedule an appointment online for assistance!

Tips to Reduce Your Heating & Electrical Bills

The holidays can bring on unwanted sky-high energy bills. But don’t worry! By following John Nugent & Sons advice, it won’t be hard to curb energy consumption during the holiday season—it can actually be very easy!

Lower Your Thermostat

Holiday parties are a great way catch up with family and old friends! You get to enjoy each other’s company while savoring delectable appetizers and meals that were put together for the occasion. When cooking for a holiday gathering, your oven is likely to be in constant use—which will actually help heat your home! You can reduce the temperature of your heating system by a few degrees, which will lessen the amount of energy being used, helping to cut costs slightly!

Unplug Unused Appliances

Many homes throughout the Northern Virginia area see a big increase in their electrical usage in the winter. This is caused by holiday lights, your heating system, and increased appliance usage. Don’t forget—even when an appliance isn’t in use, it is still drawing energy! An easy way to cut down costs this holiday season is to unplug appliances that aren’t be used so no energy will be drawn.

Use Cost-Efficient Holiday Lights

What types of holiday lights do you use to decorate your Northern Virginia home? If you’re using incandescent lights instead of LED lights, you’re throwing money out the door! By replacing your LED lights with ENERGY STAR® qualified LED light strands you will save on your utility bills this holiday. And that’s not their only advantage—LED lights last ten times longer than incandesc

ent lighting!

Turn off Holiday Decorations at Night

No matter how beautiful your holiday lights may be, there is no one admiring your hard work in the middle of the night. Use a timer to automatically turn on your holiday lights at dusk and turn off in the middle of the night. By limiting the amount your lights are on to times when people can appreciate them, you will help reduce your energy bills.

Schedule an HVAC Tune Up

Furnace, heat pump, or boiler maintenance visit can’t hurt! If you haven’t already scheduled an inspection, we recommend doing so before it gets too cold and the chaos of the holidays is upon us. Heating system maintenance can catch minor issues before they become major problems and give you peace of mind when you’re entertaining or traveling.

Call John Nugent & Sons for HVAC Services in Northern Virginia

If you’re still experiencing expensive utility bills this winter, reach out to our experienced technicians at John Nugent & Sons. Not only can we assist with heating system problems, but can diagnose your electrical issues as well! We want to help you and your family enjoy the holidays without having to spend any more than you have to! Our heating and electrical experts and have been helping Northern Virginia area homeowners like you for more than 40 years.

To learn more about conserving energy about the holidays, call John Nugent & Sons at 703-291-1926.

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