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Dealing With Mechanical AC Problems

Since we’re well into the cooling season here in Northern VA, you need to make sure your air conditioning unit is clean and free of any mechanical problems.

At John Nugent & Sons, we’ve compiled a list of common mechanical problems that may affect your AC system this cooling season:

Dry Bearings in the Blower Motor

If you hear a grinding noise during operation, your AC unit may have dry bearing in the blower motor. This can place your entire system at risk. The unit’s blower motor sends conditioned air throughout your ductwork and into your living space—and its bearings are designed to make that process efficient and responsive. A mechanical problem in the motor may require motor replacement.

Clogged Air Filter

This is one of the most common airflow blockage issues we encounter. Fortunately, it’s also one of the most preventable. Check your air conditioner’s air filter at least once a month to see if it’s dirty—and when it is, be sure to replace it. If necessary, consult with a Northern VA HVAC technician to determine the right type of filter for your unit. You need a balance between effectiveness and airflow efficiency.

Leaking Condensate Drain

You air conditioning system cools air by the process of evaporation. The chemically designed refrigerant fluctuates its temperature radically when it is pressurized. As your warm indoor air runs over the cold refrigerant in the evaporator coils, it turns into a hot gas. In the process, your air is cooled—and the water vapor in the air condenses into a pan fitted beneath the coils. A pipe connecting this pan and a drain is known as the condensate drain. When it leaks, it can cause serious problems in your air handler.

These are just a few of the mechanical problems that can develop in your air conditioning unit. For more information or to schedule AC repair service in Northern VA, call us at 703-291-1926. We proudly serve Fairfax, Arlington, Centreville, Reston, and the entire Northern VA community.

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