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Five Signs You Should Rewire Your Home

The wiring in your home is something you likely don’t think about all that often. Mostly it’s just plug and go, with little attention paid to the outlets, wires and breakers that make the operation of your favorite appliances possible. But sometimes, those wires can give you some clear signs that something may be wrong, and when that happens, prompt action should be your number one goal.

The certified electricians at John Nugent & Sons have been handling the electrical needs of our patrons for over forty years. In that time we’ve provided unique solutions, done with a personal touch, and we never rest until the job is done well, and done right!

Contact us today to learn more about our home rewiring in the Reston, Arlington, McLean, and the surrounding areas!

Warning Signs That Home Indicate Rewiring Is Needed

Many things in life are unclear or confusing, but lucky for you (and us!), the problems that can arise with wiring are clear as day. All you need to know is what to look for! Your home may need rewiring if:

  • You’re experiencing flickering lights or power. The telltale flickering of lights and appliances is one most people have experienced a time or two. High-draw appliances that suddenly demand a lot of power from your system (Heating and cooling systems, for instance) may cause this occasionally when they kick on and off, and that’s fairly normal. If you’re experiencing intermittent or overfrequent flickers, the problem likely rests with old, damaged or outdated wiring.
  • Your breakers trip too often. Breakers at your panel are designed to flip when the electrical load demanded is higher than what the breaker allows. It’s a safety function, and it’s integral to having functioning power in your home. But if your breakers begin to trip on a regular basis, it’s time to call an electric professional. The issue may rest with the breaker itself, an outlet, or the wiring in your home, but in any case it demands attention.
  • You have ungrounded outlets in your home. Ungrounded outlets (the ones that only feature two prongs) have long since been phased out of construction, and are no longer considered “up to code”. If you have ungrounded outlets in your home, don’t wait until something goes wrong! These pose a considerable threat, as they are no longer compatible with most appliances, and aren’t up to meeting the demands of modern technology.
  • Your outlets “hum”. If you notice a buzzing sound, or see any discoloration around your outlets, contact an electrician right away! This is a very serious issue that tells you your wiring has become compromised. At this point, the threat of electrical fire is very serious. Discontinue the use of the outlet (cut power to it at the panel if possible) and call us immediately!
  • You note a burning, acrid smell. If you ever notice the smell of burning plastic, an acrid smell, or the smell of “ozone” that has no identifiable source, Call a professional immediately. This is considered an emergency, and at this point an expert should be called. If the smell is particularly strong, don’t hesitate to contact the fire department as well to be safe. Better it be nothing and you be prepared than to risk personal harm and property loss!

If you’ve experienced any of these warning signs in your Northern Virginia home, it’s time to call in an electrical professional!

Call John Nugent & Sons for Electrical Services in Northern Virginia

When it comes to home wiring, everything needs to be installed correctly or you could suffer the devastating repercussions. At John Nugent & Sons, we take pride in the fact that your Northern Virginia neighbors have been able to count on us for dependable service since 1975. We offer high quality service with a personal touch that only a family company can offer.

If you live in the Northern Virginia area and you’re in search of a committed, quality electrical contractor who can help with your home rewiring project, contact John Nugent & Sons today!

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