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My Furnace Is Not Heating Optimally!

Is your furnace not heating optimally? If your furnace isn’t working at maximum capacity to heat your Arlington, Centreville or Reston home, there are some steps you can take on your own to try and solve the problem. We offer VA furnace installation services, and we know what it takes to get your furnace to operate optimally. Let’s take a look at what you should do.

If your furnace is not heating sufficiently, it’s most commonly due to a dirty air filter. A dirty air filter not only hinders the performance of your furnace, it also raises your energy bill because it forces your furnace to have to work harder than it needs to. It’s very simple to avoid this problem entirely. Check the condition of your filter at least once a month, especially during the times of the year you’re using your furnace the most. Hold your filter up to a light and see if the light is able to pass through. If not, it’s time to replace or clean your filter, depending on the type is installed in your unit.

If your furnace is not heating optimally and you do need to clean your air filter, it’s easy to do. Start by locating the unit’s service panel, which is usually on the furnace’s lower front portion or its side. Turn off your furnace and gently pop open the panel door with your hands. Tools usually aren’t needed to do this. The next step is to locate the filter, which should be a framed-mesh rectangular screen that’s inserted either horizontally or vertically near the intake-outtake blower. You should be on the lookout for brown, dusty buildup on the mesh screen, which is the reason your furnace is not heating at its maximum capability. If you have a reusable filter, use a hose or the sink to rinse away the dust particles on the screen. Allow the filter to dry before inserting it back into your furnace.

If you have a disposable filter, write down the filter’s size before throwing it away. Buy a new filter of the same size and insert it into your furnace.

If your furnace is not heating optimally and your filter happens to pass the light test, the problem may have to do with your furnace’s motor or thermostat, which requires the assistance of a qualified technician. Please contact us so that we can help you get your furnace operating up to its fullest potential.

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