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Packaged Air Conditioners in McLean, VA

When it comes to cooling your Northern Virginia home, there are many so options that it can be extremely overwhelming. Have you considered a packaged air conditioner? If not, you should! These air conditioning systems are efficient, require less space, and allow for easy maintenance—what’s not to like! John Nugent & Sons has been installing packed air conditioners throughout Northern Virginia since 1975. You can rely on our service excellence when you contact us for packaged air conditioner installation.

From central air conditioners to ductless mini splits and packaged air conditioners, we install them all. Call us at 703-291-1926 for packaged air conditioner installation in Northern Virginia!

What Is a Packaged Air Conditioner?

A central air conditioner has two parts: the outside condenser unit and the indoor air handler. Refrigerant cycles between the two units, and the indoor air handler connects to the ductwork in your Northern Virginia home. The refrigerant removes heat from the indoors as it evaporates at the inside unit and releases heat at the outside portion as it condenses. A fan blows air over the cooling coil on the air handler and moves cool air through the ducts. But with a packaged unit, all of the parts are enclosed in a single cabinet, usually located right outside of the building or on the rooftop.

Packaged Air Conditioner Installation

This system is ideal for people with limited indoor space or for those Northern Virginia homes where indoor installation would be difficult. Packaged air conditioners are available in a variety of sizes and efficiency ratings. You can find packaged units with very high SEERs (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Rating) so that you won’t have to resort to a low efficiency window or wall unit if you don’t have much space for an indoor installation!

To install a packaged air conditioner in your Northern Virginia home, including McLean, Arlington, Reston, Fairfax, and more, contact John Nugent & Sons!

Benefits of a Packaged Air Conditioner

If you’re in the market for a new cooling system for your home, a packaged air conditioner offers many benefits:

  • Improved space – Unlike split-system units, all components of a complete heating and cooling system are contained in one location, making packaged units ideal for situations in which indoor space is limited.
  • Ease of maintenance – Packaged systems can benefit you and your AC technician because the indoor evaporator and outdoor condenser unit of your system are combined into one, making maintenance and service an easier job.

Packaged Air Conditioner Installation in Northern VA

Since 1975, your Northern Virginia neighbors have trusted our skilled team to install packaged air conditioners in their homes. We pride ourselves on providing the high quality of service and very personal touch that only a family company can offer. It is our belief that each and every customer deserves to be treated with the same respect and honesty as a member of our family. Our top-ranked customer service and superior quality of work can be attributed to this belief. If you’re ready for an easy solution to your cooling needs, then consider a packaged air conditioner.

Call John Nugent & Sons at 703-291-1926 or contact us online to install a packaged air conditioner in Northern Virginia!

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