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Faucet Repair

Leaky faucets are just a fact of life. Your faucets are things you use every day, and after a while the parts will start to wear out. Leaky faucets are more than just an annoyance—all that dripping can amount to several hundred gallons of water wasted each year, which can hit you big time on your monthly water bills!

If you need faucet repair in Northern Virginia, don’t wait—703-291-1926 or click here to contact us online!

Faucet Repair in Northern Virginia

For the plumbers at John Nugent & Sons, faucet repairs are fairly common. So if you need faucet repair in Fairfax, Arlington, Centreville, Reston, or other nearby areas, don’t wait—call us today! We can fix any part of a leaky faucet, from loose connections to worn out washers and O-rings.

At John Nugent & Sons, our expert plumbers can repair any type of faucet, including:

  • Leaky kitchen faucets
  • Leaky tub faucets
  • Leaky shower faucets
  • Leaky hose bibs and outdoor faucets

If you have a leaky faucet in your Northern Virginia home, call John Nugent & Sons. Our faucet repair pros can take care of your leaks so you won’t have to deal with all that dripping water—or the wasted money that comes with it!

Why call John Nugent & Sons for faucet repair services?

John Nugent & Sons has been family owned and operated since 1975. We pride ourselves in providing the high quality of service and very personal touch that only a family company can offer. It is our belief that each and every customer deserves to be treated with the same respect and honesty as a member of our family. Our top-ranked customer service and superior quality of work can be attributed to this belief. In 1975 we started small, but over the years, more and more people have accepted our offer to join the family. While we’ve grown to meet the expanding needs of these customers, we’re always careful not to jeopardize the value and quality of service that have been our trademarks since the beginning. Our commitment to excellence is what got us this far and we plan on honoring this commitment long into the future.

Each employee of John Nugent & Sons is empowered with this same commitment. It is what drives our search for more and better ways to serve our customers in the most effective way possible while offering the highest quality products possible. We are also committed to educating our employees so that every technician that enters your home is the most qualified technician available. We evaluate our programs regularly to ensure that our employees remain current on changing technology. It is our sincere desire to enhance our services and improve our performance for your benefit.

John Nugent & Sons is licensed, bonded, and insured.

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