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Heat Pump Repair Service in Ryan, VA

Heat pumps are a simple way to keep your home warm when the temperatures drop during the fall and winter months without all the fuss of a furnace system. However, as with any home heating, cooling, or plumbing system, you’ll need to maintain the system properly and have your heat pump repaired in a timely manner. Need repairs? Don’t stress, you can count on John Nugent & Sons for heat pump repair services in Ryan. We can take care of all your repair needs in a fast and friendly manner.

For heat pump repair in Ryan, Virginia, call John Nugent & Sons today at 703-291-1926 or click here to contact us online!

What Is Wrong With My Heat Pump?

At John Nugent & Sons, we have seen and repaired every possible heat pump problem you can imagine, from ceased motors to malfunctioning defrost timers—we can have your heat pump working again in no time! There are a number of things that can indicate your heat pump needs to be repaired, including the:

  • Heat pump won’t start: If your heat pump won’t even start, it could be an electrical issue. Check your fuses and contact your local power company, if necessary. Additionally, it could be an issue with wiring, the transformer, the contactor, thermostat, or the compressor.
  • Heat pump produces a humming sound: If your heat pump won’t turn on but does produce a humming sound, the start capacitor or compressor motor could need to be replaced.
  • Heat pump fan turns on, but the compressor won’t start: It’s possible that you will need to replace the start capacitor, start relay, run capacitor, or compressor motor.
  • Outdoor fan won’t start: If the outdoor fan doesn’t start, the fan/pump relay, the defrost switch, or the motor may need to be replaced.
  • Indoor fan won’t start: Issues with the indoor fan could mean a bad transformer or motor or a faulty thermostat.
  • Heat pump is leaking fluid: If your heat pump is leaking, you may have too much refrigerant in the system or the pressure could be too high.
  • Heat pump won’t provide cooling: If the heat pump isn’t cooling your home in the hotter months, it could be anything from a dirty fan to leaking valves.

These are just a few of the repairs that we repeatedly make on heat pump systems in Ryan. If your heat pump is experiencing any other sort of problems, it is best to contact the professionals. Do it yourself heat pump repair can lead to more problems that could cost you more money down the road. If you need heat pump repair in Ryan, Virginia, don’t wait—call the expert technicians at John Nugent & Sons today at 703-291-1926!

Ryan’s Heat Pump Repair Experts

John Nugent & Sons has been family owned and operated since 1975. We pride ourselves on providing the high quality of service and very personal touch that only a family company can offer. It is our belief that each and every customer deserves to be treated with the same respect and honesty as a member of our family. Our top-ranked customer service and superior quality of work can be attributed to this belief. Our commitment to excellence is what got us this far and we plan on honoring this commitment long into the future.

We are also committed to educating our employees so that every technician that enters your home is the most qualified technician available. We evaluate our programs regularly to ensure that our employees remain current on changing technology. It is our sincere desire to enhance our services and improve our performance for your benefit.

Give us a call today to schedule your next appointment for heat pump repair services in Ryan, Virginia at 703-291-1926!

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