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Air Conditioner Installation in Vienna, VA

Whether you’re upgrading your existing AC unit or installing central air conditioning for the first time, you only want to consider the best equipment from today’s top manufacturers. A new air conditioner is one of the most substantial investments you can make for home comfort. It’s important to choose a unit that you can trust to last for many years.

For air conditioner installation in Vienna, Virginia, call John Nugent & Sons today at 703-291-1926 or click here to contact us online!

Benefits of Air Conditioner Installation

Once you make the leap and install a new air conditioner, you can expect to enjoy the following benefits:

  • Lower energy bills: If you replace an older unit, the upgrade’s higher efficiency provides a huge relief when you look at your monthly electricity bills. The fact is your older AC could easily be rated 10 Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) or lower. Today’s baseline models are 14 SEER or higher with the ratings on some models rocketing into the mid-20s for incredible energy savings.
  • Fewer repairs: Perhaps the reason you’re opting for an upgrade is because you’re tired of repairing your existing system. Although we do provide AC repair services in Vienna, a new, high-quality unit could last for several years without needing a repair as long as you keep up with the recommended preventative maintenance.
  • Greater comfort: Was your outdated unit sized correctly at installation? If not, your home is probably less comfortable each summer than you would like. A new unit is sized and installed to create the ideal cooling conditions all summer long.
  • More environmentally friendly: When you use less energy to stay cool, you lower your carbon footprint without sacrificing comfort. Plus, new air conditioners run on a more environmentally friendly, non-ozone-depleting type of refrigerant. That’s good news for the environment, too.

The great thing about central air conditioners is that they are less bulky. For the most part they stay out of sight and can rarely be heard. The compressor is usually placed around the side of your house, so unlike clunky window units, it will be almost nonexistent. If you’re tired of moving or adjusting your window air conditioner every time the temperature changes, call John Nugent and Sons today for central air conditioner installation in Vienna, Virginia.

What to Consider Before Installing a New Air Conditioner

Once you’ve made up your mind about upgrading your air conditioner, you still have three important choices to make. First, what type of AC unit is best suited for your home? Your options include:

  • Split system air conditioners, the most common of the central air conditioners. The condensing unit sits outside and the evaporator coil is inside your home.
  • Packaged air conditioners, more common in mobile homes and commercial properties.
  • Ductless mini-split systems, an excellent cooling option for homes without ductwork.

Second, you must consider your geographic location. Because of Vienna, Virginia’s high humidity and warm average summer temperatures, it makes economic sense to invest in a high-efficiency air conditioner. The savings that come from running a more efficient system help the investment pay for itself in just a few years.

Third, it’s important to take your existing system into account. For example, if you heat your home with radiant or baseboard heating, your home might not have ductwork. You can avoid expensive installation costs by opting for a ductless cooling solution, such as one-room units or ductless mini-splits.

All of these decisions may seem overwhelming, but don’t worry, one of our technicians can help you choose a system that will work best in your home. For more information about our air conditioner installation services in Vienna, call us today at 703-291-1926 or click here to contact us online!

Why call John Nugent & Sons for air conditioner installation?

John Nugent & Sons has been family owned and operated since 1975. We pride ourselves on providing the high quality of service and very personal touch that only a family company can offer. It is our belief that each and every customer deserves to be treated with the same respect and honesty as a member of our family. Our top-ranked customer service and superior quality of work can be attributed to this belief. In 1975 we started small, but over the years, more and more people have accepted our offer to join the family. While we’ve grown to meet the expanding needs of these customers, we’re always careful not to jeopardize the value and quality of service that have been our trademarks since the beginning.

Other Air Conditioner Services in Vienna, Virginia

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