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AC Failure Warning Signs

You already know that the summer months in Fairfax, Arlington, Centreville, Reston, and all throughout Northern Virginia can be incredibly hot, humid, and uncomfortable. This makes it important that your AC system is working properly—after all, you and your family deserve a cool, comfortable home during the summertime. In addition to completing timely AC maintenance, you should be on the lookout for several potential AC warning signs.

Top AC Failure Warning Signs

The expert AC technicians at John Nugent & Sons have identified the AC failure warning signs you should look out for now—before the truly hot days arrive.

Blows Warm Air

You and your family rely on your AC unit to blow cool air whenever it’s in operation. If it’s blowing warm air, your unit is more than likely damaged and on the verge of failure. It is possible, however, that the thermostat is simply turned to heat mode. Be sure to check the thermostat first! It could also be that the unit has a dirty filter, which will choke off the airflow to the coil, causing improper performance.

A more serious problem is that the unit’s compressor, which controls refrigerant flow through the cooling circuit, is damaged. AC compressor replacement is a job that should be completed by a professional AC technician—call us or contact us online if you think your unit needs compressor replacement.

Is Excessively Cycling

If your AC unit is cycling on and off, it could mean that the unit’s thermostat is faulty and malfunctioning. It may also signal that hot air is entering from the outdoors or that cold air is escaping. Call us today so that we can inspect your AC system.

Takes Long to Cool

It can be incredibly frustrating if your AC system takes a long time to cool your Northern Virginia home to a comfortable temperature. It may also signal that your unit is on the verge of failure. This could be a result of low coolant levels, but it may also signal corroding or rusty piping, which means that you’ll need AC replacement.

If you notice any of these AC failure warning signs, this may simply be the right time to replace your unit with a new, more efficient one. There’s a federal tax credit available for the installation of efficient AC systems. Contact John Nugent & Sons today to learn more.

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