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Keep Your Northern Virginia Home Cool with Air Duct Sealing

There are a lot of ways to maximize your air conditioner efficiency: you should replace filters monthly, have regular professional inspections, perform repairs when necessary, etc. If you still aren’t getting the efficiency you’d like, it might be time for air duct sealing. Many homeowners can do this by themselves without too much extra work. Learn about how you can fix any duct leaks, and if that doesn’t solve the problem, give us a call for air conditioner service in Fairfax, Arlington, or Loudon County!

Benefits of Air Duct Sealing

There are many benefits to air duct sealing. Sealing air ducts can:

  • Increase air conditioner efficiency
  • Keep temperatures more even between rooms
  • Lower energy bills
  • Help to keep dust and allergens out of your air
  • And more!

Even if you think you are getting the most out of your HVAC systems, consider air duct sealing. Duct leaks can really ruin efficiency and keep your home from being as comfortable as possible.

Locate Your Ducts

The first thing to do is determine the location of your ducts. It is possible your ducts are hidden behind walls or ceilings, so you’ll need to contact a professional to avoid causing any damage. However, you might have some ducts that are out in the open in your attic or crawlspace. These you will be able to access and perform some fairly effective air duct sealing. Clear some space around your ducts to give yourself ample room if you are using the area around them for storage.

Start Insulating

According to ENERGY STAR, 20% of the air in your ducts escapes through leaks. This is a big loss in efficiency and could be causing higher energy bills! Use a mastic sealant to cover joints or any places that leaks could occur. You can purchase mastic sealant in a liquid form that hardens when applied, although it does retain some elasticity. If you use this material for air duct sealing, you can expect it to last around five years before it might need to be replaced. If you would prefer a simpler sealant, try metal tape. This comes in a roll like regular tape but is industrial-grade metal. Average tape will not be effective for air duct sealing, so make sure you use metal tape!

You can also add insulation around your ducts. Just as you insulate your walls to keep hot and cold air inside, you can do the same for your ducts! There will be some temperature loss or gain as the air moves through your ducts, so insulating them can help to make the effects of this as minimal as possible. Insulation can also help to further block any duct leaks.

Call John Nugent & Sons for Air Conditioner Service

If air duct sealing doesn’t help, give us call. We can come inspect your air conditioner to make sure there aren’t internal problems that are causing it to work improperly. If we find anything, we can fix it! Whether you’re located in McLean, Arlington, Reston, or anywhere in Northern Virginia, give our Herndon, VA HVAC contractors a call. We’ll make sure your air conditioner is working properly again as soon as possible. Contact us today!

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