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The Benefits of Cleaning Your AC System

The importance of keeping your AC clean from the negative effects of dust and debris cannot be overstated. Your AC is a complex machine with various components that make up the refrigerant cycle. Considering how much you have come to depend on its operation, it’s no wonder that maintenance is so important. When was the last time you scheduled professional AC cleaning service? Your system may be operating inefficiently if it has been a while.

To schedule AC cleaning service in Northern VA, call John Nugent & Sons at 703-291-1926.

Reasons to Schedule AC Cleaning

There are several reasons you should considering schedule professional AC cleaning service:


Put simply, you need your AC to perform well every day during the cooling season. On those really hot and humid days, you’ll need it to operate for hours on end. Over time, your system endures a lot of wear and tear—and much of that comes in the form of dust and debris accumulating on sensitive mechanical components and coils. This disrupts the ability of your AC to perform at an optimal level.

Energy Efficiency

Cleaning also improves the energy efficiency of your AC. While we can’t control the cost of energy, we can control how we use it. Your AC simply cannot be efficient if the blower motor is covered in dust—or if the condenser coils are caked in organic debris such as leaves and twigs. You don’t have to pay for more cooling than you’re getting.

System Lifespan

An AC is a major investment, and keeping your system clean is part of protecting your expensive investment. Cleaning your AC unit is directly related with the performance, energy efficiency, and ultimately, system longevity of your AC. You can’t expect your AC to last for a long time if it is not kept clean.

For professional AC cleaning service in Fairfax, Arlington, Centreville, Reston, and other areas throughout Northern VA, contact John Nugent & Sons.

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