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Standby Generators Oil Changes

Like any other-engine powered machine, home standby generators require regular maintenance. Proper generator maintenance will ensure your unit works efficiently, and it will maximize the generator’s lifespan. This is important—after all, you likely spent a considerable amount of money purchasing and installing your standby generator.

Most standby generators need an oil change every two years or after about 200 hours of use, but you should refer to the operator’s manual for specific instructions. Follow these steps to complete an oil change for your standby generator:

  1. Set control board system switch to OFF.
  2. Remove 15 Amp fuse from control panel.
  3. Place oil drain hose into an approved container.
  4. Remove brass fitting from end of drain hose.
  5. Change oil while the engine is still warm from running, as described in the operator’s manual.
  6. When oil has drained, replace brass fitting on hose.
  7. Add oil—follow the oil grade recommendation, oil fill, and oil filter service instructions provided in the owner’s manual. Generally, you can choose either regular or synthetic oil. Synthetic oil is designed for superior high and low temperature viscosity, meaning it will perform better for cold starts or while running in extreme heat.
  8. Replace your old, dirty oil filter.

Please note that any attempt to start the engine before it has been properly serviced with the appropriate, recommended oil will result in equipment failure.

If you need help completing an oil change for your standby generator, or if you require any other type of generator maintenance, contact John Nugent & Sons. You spent a significant amount of money on your generator. Proper generator maintenance will help protect your investment.

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