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Summer Air Conditioning Tip: Change Your AC’s Filter!

It’s hard to imagine getting through the summer months in Northern VA without air conditioning. It’s an unpleasant thought—to say the least. As the temperature is getting warmer and warmer, it’s time for our HVAC technicians to remind homeowners in Fairfax, Arlington, Centreville, Reston, and throughout Northern VA that there is a very simple thing they can do to help their AC units run more efficiently: change the air filter.

We recommend homeowners change the filter at least once a month during the summer months. If you can remember, it’s a great habit to check it every two weeks or so. If it’s dirty—even if you did just change it a few weeks ago—change it again. When your AC unit is trying to keep your home cool in 100 degree weather, the filter is really put to the test. There is more air flowing through the filter, meaning there are more particulates it is catching.

Additionally, make sure you’re investing in high–quality, pleated air filters. Those flimsy, fiberglass filters do very little to protect your AC or the air you and your family breathe.

More Reasons to Change Your AC’s Filter

Here are some other reasons to change your AC unit’s filter regularly this summer:

  • Filters are relatively cheap, but blower motors aren’t. A dirty or clogged filter strains the air handler blower motor, one of the system’s costliest components. A stressed blower motor may overheat and fail prematurely.
  • Air conditioner components like the blower and compressor running overtime in conditions they were not designed for (low airflow) to meet thermostat settings are also consuming excess electricity. One of the immediate consequences of replacing a dirty filter is often a noticeable decline in utility costs. Catastrophic compressor failure is often attributable to lack of filter maintenance.
  • As the filter gets dirtier, its filtering capacity declines steadily, and your indoor air quality degrades at the same rate. Airborne particulates including allergens like mold spores, pollen, and pet dander are continually recirculated in your breathing air.
  • Ductwork conveying unfiltered air accumulates excessive amounts of dust and dirt. Eventually, ductwork contamination becomes a permanent source of poor air quality that can only be resolved by expensive duct cleaning.
  • Your home’s contribution to greenhouse gases and the size of its carbon footprint are directly related to HVAC system efficiency, which in turn relies on regular filter changes.

If you need any help changing your AC unit’s air filter, give us a call at 703-291-1926 or contact us online. We’re a family owned and operated HVAC company that has been proudly serving Northern VA since 1975.

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