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Gas vs. Electric Furnaces: A Heating System Showdown

When in the market for a new heating system in your Northern Virginia home, you’re faced with lots of options. How are you supposed to know which furnace is the right choice? That’s where we come in — both gas furnaces and electric furnaces can provide warmth and comfort to your home, yet each type of heating system offers its own unique advantages. John Nugent & Sons has experience installing all types of heating systems and we’ve put together the pros and cons of gas and electric furnaces to help you decide.

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Should You Install a Gas Furnace?

Although a gas furnace is the more efficient heating option, there are other advantages and disadvantages to consider before deciding on your Northern Virginia home’s new heating system.

Advantages of Gas Furnaces

  • Reduced electric bills – An electric furnace can drive up the cost of your monthly heating bills.
  • Quicker heating – Gas heating systems tend to be more effective and efficient in cold temperatures, resulting in quicker heating throughout your entire home.

Disadvantages of a Gas Furnace Replacement

  • Cost – While your monthly electric bills will be cheaper, the initial cost of a gas furnace is more expensive than its electric competitor.
  • Maintenance – Gas furnaces must be regularly maintained to ensure your system is operating at maximum efficiency.
  • Shorter life span – The average life of a gas heating system is 10 to 20 years.

Is an Electric Furnace the Right Option for You?

A popular choice for homeowners, electric furnaces require little maintenance during their life. However, like most heating systems, electric furnaces have their pros and cons.

Advantages of Electric Furnace Installation

  • Longer life span – An electric furnace will typically last between 20 and 30 years.
  • Self-sufficient – Electric units need little to no attention to run smoothly. If an issue should arise, it is much simpler to troubleshoot a problem than with a gas furnace.
  • Less risk – Electric heating systems are found to be a safer heating option with less risk of a malfunction that can affect you and your family.

Disadvantages of Replacing Your Electric Furnace

  • Higher heating bills – Furnaces that utilize electricity for operations tend to have higher costs than those fueled by natural gas.
  • Less efficient – While an electric furnace will thoroughly heat your Northern Virginia home, it may not heat it as efficiently as a gas furnace. While trying to raise the temperature in your home, you end up raising your electric bills.

If you’re still unsure which heating system is right for you, give the heating experts at John Nugent & Sons a call at 703-291-1926! We’re happy to walk you through the decision-making process and help you explore all the options, including a heat pump!

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