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Home Standby Generators in Falls Church, Virginia

You never know when there might be a power outage. It could happen during a typical summer storm or as a result of more severe weather events such as a hurricane or a blizzard. Homeowners in Falls Church simply cannot afford to ride out extended power outages. Installing a home standby generator is an excellent way to protect your family and your investments.

Benefits of Home Standby Generators

Permanently installed on a gravel bed or a concrete pad next to the house, a home standby generator offers numerous benefits to homeowners in Falls Church, VA. The benefits of investing in a home standby generator include:

  • Continuing life as usual – A standby generator kicks on within seconds after a power outage, whether it’s due to severe weather or other disruptions. With a home standby generator, essential home functions such as, food refrigeration, lighting, air conditioning, and cooking abilities are never disrupted.
  • Enjoying peace of mind from theft – Since they are permanent fixtures, home standby generators are nearly impossible to steal. When you factor in the weight of the unit and its connection to your home’s gas and electrical lines, it’s no wonder why a home standby generator isn’t a target for theft.
  • Maintaining safety and enjoying convenience – With a home standby generator, you never have to worry about toxic exhaust because the unit is installed a safe distance from your Falls Church home. Also, a home standby generator is permanently hooked into your home’s gas supply, so there is no need to worry about refueling.
  • Enjoying cost savings – The costs associated with a home standby generator are much lower than those associated with other forms of backup power. The cost of replacing malfunctioning equipment during a power outage can exceed the cost of installing a standby generator.

Call us to install a home standby generator in your Falls Church home—we’ll send a professional, licensed technician to get the job done.

Home Standby Generator Maintenance

Like any other engine-powered machine, home standby generators require routine maintenance. Periodic oil and filter changes are required to ensure maximum performance and years of reliable service. This is important, especially after you’ve made the investment and installed your new standby generator.

If you have any questions about home standby generator installation in Falls Church or generator maintenance, please call us at 703-291-1926 or contact us online. Someone will respond to you shortly.

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