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Air Conditioner Services in Vienna, VA

If you’ve ever lived through even one summer in Northern Virginia, you know how important your air conditioner can be. So if yours burns out during one of our many air quality code red days, you need an air conditioner service company you can count on! John Nugent & Sons offers air conditioning services in Vienna and throughout Northern Virginia to ensure that your home is kept cool and comfortable all summer long. Our products have excellent warranties, and our licensed, bonded air conditioner contractors are known for their knowledge, responsiveness, and reliability.

For AC services in Vienna, VA, call John Nugent & Sons at 703-291-1926 or contact us online.

Air Conditioner Installation in Vienna, VA

Are you currently using portable or window AC units to keep your home cool during the summer? If so, it might be time to upgrade to an energy efficient central air conditioner! John Nugent & Sons provides air conditioner installation services in Vienna to keep you cool for less year after year. Central air conditioners are quieter, more efficient, and more reliable than portable units, so don’t wait—call John Nugent & Sons today!

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Air Conditioner Repair in Vienna, VA

Air conditioners rarely go bad on you when it’s nice and pleasant outside. Instead, your compressor is more likely to blow or your evaporator will die on the hottest day of the year, and you’ll need someone to come out right away! That’s why it’s crucial that you call a reliable air conditioner repair company in Vienna any time your AC system begins to show signs of failure or stops working completely. Pay particularly close attention to any of the following signs:

  • The air coming from your vents isn’t cool
  • Your compressor is leaking or freezing
  • The blower motor isn’t cycling on or off
  • The compressor or evaporator is making a strange noise
  • The temperature between rooms is inconsistent
  • Any other irregularities

If you’ve noticed any of these problems with your air conditioner, don’t wait—call Nugent & Sons right away!

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Air Conditioner Replacement in Vienna, VA

Most air conditioners tend to last around 10 – 15 years—any older and it might not be worth it to repair them when they start to break down. When that happens, don’t panic—just call Nugent & Sons! We provide air conditioner replacement in Vienna so you’ll never be without an air conditioner for long. Best of all, if you’ve been using an aging air conditioner for a long time, you’ll likely be able to save a lot of money by upgrading to a more efficient system. Call us to schedule your replacement service today!

Most customers in Vienna, VA who replace their air conditioners with Nugent & Sons see:

  • Lower energy bills
  • Better temperature control
  • Quieter AC operation
  • And more!

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Air Conditioning Service in Vienna, VA

Annual maintenance is the key to getting the most out of your air conditioner every year. So if you need an air conditioner service company to take a look at your system before you’re ready to turn it on for the season, call John Nugent & Sons! Our comprehensive maintenance program will pinpoint and correct any problems your system may have while locating opportunities to improve energy efficiency. Best of all, with our Extended Service Agreements, we can assist you with the annual servicing of your HVAC system to ensure optimal performance through each year! Extended Air Conditioning Service Agreements give you the peace of mind knowing your air conditioning equipment will always be running at its best. Our air conditioning contractors are trained and certified to ensure manufacturer specifications are met and your system is always running at its best.

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Air Conditioning Sales in Vienna, VA

If you’re looking to purchase a new cooling system, call John Nugent & Sons! We carry a wide selection of manufacturer options, including brand names like Carrier and Trane. Our technicians can help you find the right air conditioning unit to meet your indoor comfort needs and budget.

We are committed to bringing you superior value as the leading heating and air conditioning contractor in Vienna, VA. With our Residential Air Conditioning Sales Division, we have dedicated sales professionals who can work with you through the entire process of your purchase. By taking a special approach to your specific needs, John Nugent & Sons makes your satisfaction a top priority.

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Your Air Conditioning Service Company in Vienna, VA

If you are having trouble with your air conditioning unit and/or need your system to be replaced, contact us to schedule service. Our air conditioning contractors will respond in a timely manner and get your home comfortable again.

If you have questions about your current equipment or replacement, please contact us by phone or fill out our contact form—someone will respond to you shortly. Also be sure to check out our air conditioner specials!

John Nugent & Sons has been family owned and operated since 1975. We pride ourselves on providing the high quality of service and very personal touch that only a family company can offer. Count on us for all your air conditioning needs!

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